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Music and Movement

Mondays 10am – 10.30am

Held at Masterton District Library, 54 Queen Street.

Free for all

Suitable for babies and toddlers, the programme includes fun with singing in English and Te Rea Māori, musical instruments and action songs, as well as the opportunity for children to dance where they can, using scarves, ribbons, a large parachute and more. Hand action songs and finger rhymes allow children to interact with other children and their caregiver.

​Each week includes some of the same songs so children learn through repetition, as well as songs fitting a theme for the week such as transport, colours, animals, weather and many more. 

The’ Music and Movement’ programme offers endless opportunities for a vast variety of music and stimulating activities. Learning through play is a big part of the ‘Music and Movement’ philosophy. Children enjoy immensely the sounds, the colours, the activities and the interaction, at the same time using up their energy in an active learning and happy environment.


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